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Woman with Sweetgrass.JPG

Woman with Sweetgrass  28x22 acrylic on paper

Woman with Okra.jpg

Woman with Okra  28x22 acrylic on paper

Woman with Flowers.jpg

Woman with Flowers  28x22 acrylic on paper

Girl Eating Ice Cream  28x22 acrylic on paper

American Beach Two Bathers.jpg

American Beach Two Bathers  28x22 acrylic on paper


Sapelo Island I   28x22 acrylic on paper

Sapelo Island I   28x22 acrylic on paper

Zayid Majid

Zayid Majid is an established Artist. He attended the Atlanta College of Art and the Art Institute of Atlanta. He is the Illustrator of I Create, a Children’s book written by Christie Pettit and is the Author and Illustrator of Binya, Cumya, the story of a child learning her Gullah/Geechee Heritage.

Zayid’s Works are displayed in many Corporate Collections and in some of the finest homes in the United States and Abroad. His Art spans many styles; all exciting, bold and unique. They are visually appealing and considered “a display of poetry in color”.  Zee, Lynda and their four children live in Atlanta, Georgia.