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A Field of Sunflowers  14x14  oil on canvas

Cynthia Huston

Cynthia Huston was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and has been passionate about creating art since early childhood.  Cynthia graduated from Clemson University with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.  While pursuing a livelihood in technology, living and working in many cities around the country, Cynthia would escape her busy, high-tech work life by painting.  Her painting style has developed most recently through the teachings of award-winning impressionist artist, Laurie Meyer.

Artist Statement:

I feel extremely blessed to now pursue my love of art and painting full-time.  One of my favorite ways to paint is “en plein air”.  When painting outside, I feel the energy from everything surrounding me and it breathes life into the paintings. I love to use bold brush strokes, and capture shadow and light with bold colors.  My goal is to draw viewers into an emotional journey with me!

Two Pounda  11x14  oil on canvas

Trellis the Old Village  8x10  oil on canvas

The Green Shutter  10x8 oil on canvas

Clustered Together 24x36.jpg

Clustered Together 36x24 oil on canvas