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Inside the Studio: Cami Hutchinson

Brooke Seidelmann

Don’t be afraid, Soak up all the knowledge, and find a creative outlet that speaks to just you!  These are just some of the sage bits of advice from Cami Hutchinson when we asked her where her creative passion came from. Here's her full response, get inspired: 

Worn out from the constant details in my job as an Interior Designer someone challenged me to find a creative outlet where I only had to please myself.  From the very first basic oil painting class, I have never put the brush down.  I just continue to soak up all the knowledge I can from artists I respect.  It is all about freedom to create after that. My mentor, Jim Calk, once said "it is just a canvas, don't be afraid of it."

To view the results of Hutchinson’s creative spark and passion click over to her full portfolio on the above image or here