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Faces in Abstract




Faces in Abstract

Carol Williams

By Gary Bodner

I have always wanted to use faces in an abstract painting. I roughly divided the canvas  into 18  vertical rectangles. Starting each face with the same continuous line which became my template. The single black  line began at the right  lateral eye brow going down the right  ridge of the nose .This black mark included the right nostril finally terminating on the far end of the lip.


So now what should I do ? I started adding color , loosing the line and finding the line .


I love repetitive images and I added lips to each face. Like many good abstract painters sometimes you have to reach into your basic tool box. As told in art 101 the bottom lip is always lighter than to top lip .Ones  lower lip is fatter and absorbs light . 


Before I knew  it this large 60 x48  painting was done

Gary Bodner