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James Nares NY artist

Carol Williams

by Laura Dargan

James Nares. British born artist working in New York City. He is one of my favorite artists. He may be number one on a short list that rotates around depending on how I feel on any given day.

Nares is mostly known for his contemporary art though he is also accomplished in filmography and photography. In most of his paintings he employs a single gestural brushstroke. Without seeing one of his paintings it might be hard for one to imagine what that might look like. Think movement, intricacy, 3D, vocal…

Each piece is so strong with such ease. In my opinion at least. Sometimes paintings don’t hit your eye in quite the same way as the next person. And that’s what is so great about art.

Nares’ process and style is very unique. Nares, at times, will hang suspended over his surface to achieve the perfect brushstroke.

You can see current exhibitions on along with his incredible work.


Laura Dargan