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Update: 3/12/2017 - We are currently looking for landscape abstract oil and acrylic on canvas. 

Thank you for your interest in Charleston Art Brokers. We are always looking for new and emerging artists to join our family. Before submitting we ask that you please take a moment to review our list of artists and featured art works to determine if your work might fit with our curated collection of artists. 

Please review the following guidelines before submitting:

- We do not accept submissions via mail or on-site delivery.

- Only emailed submissions will be considered.

 We specialize in fine art created by professional artists working in all mediums, with a special focus on artists from or working in the Southeast.

If we think your work will be a good fit for our collection, we will contact you to make arrangements for an interview and to review your art in person.

We do not respond to all emails.

Please email the following items to for review. We do not respond to all submissions.

1. A link to your website, or 5 JPEG images (1 MB max per image) of your most recent work (created in the last 3 years) with a list of work details to include work title, medium, dimensions and list price.

2. Bio, Artist Statement and Resume  

3. A list of all the galleries that currently represent your work

4. Press clippings (i.e. critical reviews of your work)